what sets us apart

We offer the craziest open-air party bus experience in Miami! Hop aboard the Loco bus with your family and friends and visit Miami’s most popular destinations all while enjoying music, drinks, and unforgettable sights. don’t miss out! our fully outfitted party tour bus is guaranteed great time, just make sure you’re ready to go “full loco” on the loco bus!


How do bookings work?

Bookings are first come first serve. We always recommend booking 72 hours in advance to ensure availability.

What’s the payment process?

A security deposit of $250 USD is required upon booking. Payment for the bus is required upon pick up, not when booked. Security deposits are returned after the trip considering no damage has been doneto the bus.

Is alcohol permitted on the bus?

YES! ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED ON THE BUSAS LONG AS YOU AND YOUR GUESTS ARE ALL OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE. We’re not allowed to serve any kind of beverages, so everything is strictly BYOB (Bring your own beverage).

What kind of music is played on the bus?

We have an on board DJ that plays whatever you want!

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Feel free to contact us regarding any questions or concerns. If we don’t answer your call right away, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

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